Designing Methods

To address these problems, the following section discusses the development of design thinking methods that may help in designing chatbot conversations.

The following section explores three proposed methods developed to help teams effectively design conversations, determining the goals and purpose of a conversation, crafting what is said and when it is said. Currently, there is an absence of design methods for developing cooperative conversations. These human-centric, design thinking methods include Improv for Conversation, Bot Personas, and Conversation Mapping. To provide context, these methods are developed to facilitate a series of experiential learning workshops teaching designers how to build chatbots (Preszler, 2009).


Preszler, R.W. (2009) ‘Replacing lecture with peer-led workshops improves student learning’, Cell Biology Education, 8(3), pp. 182–192. doi: 10.1187/cbe.09-01-0002.

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